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Fantastic Fortune Cookies

A Gourmet Treat for your Eyes, your Soul and your Palate!

The secret to Fantastic Fortune Gourmet Cookies are their great taste and fun size. Fantastic Fortune cookies are the same shape as a typical fortune cookie but they are about the  size of  a grapefruit or our giants are the size of a large cantaloupe! Made from our secret twist on a French Butter Cookie Recipe, these delicious cookies are not your Chinese Restaurant Fortune Cookie.

Using only premium all natural ingredients to make the cookies, Fantastic Fortunes hand dips each fortune cookie in milk , dark  or white chocolate; then they are decorated with  a variety  of decadent toppings that might include, a second contrasting chocolate, sprinkles, decorated sugar flowers or even toffee crunch...and so many more!  A general fortune (or personalized) is added to the cookie from our thousands of fortunes we have gathered through the years.  Some of the  general fortunes are humorous; others are inspirational to fit an event  such as a new baby, birthday, get well or holiday, to name a few. Custom or personalized fortunes  are also extremely popular for corporate events, Bar/ Bat  Mitzvahs, birthday parties, wedding  favors, realtor open houses, dinner parties, or even gender reveal parties. In the final process  each cookie is heat sealed in a clear cello wrapper and then tied with a bright ribbon to complete the presentation.

Each cookie has a 90 day shelf life and is baked fresh for each order!  


Our cookies are great gifts for teachers, bosses, prom invites, marriage proposals or even secret Santa during the Holiday Season! Your imagination is unlimited!